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Counter Stool

Counter Stool

The Counter Stool or Round Stool has a solid teak seat with two metal rings - one at the foot of the stool and a smaller ring supporting the seat. The seat is gently hollowed to make seating comfortable.

The metal rings are made of bright flat steel bars and have been fabricated using the hot metal rolling process that was commonly used in the early to mid 20th century. In this method, a flat bar of steel is shaped into a circle; and a weld is made at the point the two ends meet. The visible but inconspicuous inch wide weld grinding mark in the rings is due to this. The original patina of the raw material (which comes as flat bars) is retained to give the rings a weathered look. The screws used to fix the metal to the wood are also of the type used a few decades ago, although we have upgraded the quality from mild steel to stainless steel.


Materials Used
Teak (Tectona Grandis) and bright flat steel.

H 62.8 cms x Leg Width 42.5 cms x Seat Diameter 35.0 cms (H 24.7" x Leg Width 16.7" x Seat Diameter 13.7")


Design Period
Mid 1960s


Made in India

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